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Metacade has been audited by leading blockchain auditing firm CertiK, a security-focused platform that analyzes and monitors blockchain protocols and DeFi projects. Verification and approval from CertiK mean that the code behind Metacade is highly secure and has been scrutinized for any weak spots.

The complete audit of the Metacade contract can be found on the CertiK leaderboard and viewed here:

Why Carry Out An Audit?

Unlike centralized information systems, smart contracts place trust in the code rather than corporate entities. Code that can handle billions of dollars of funds.

Security audits can reveal vulnerabilities in a smart contract by identifying coding errors and potential risks.

A single bug or a security vulnerability can either mishandle funds or give hackers opportunities to exploit the contract.

What is a security vulnerability?

  • Anything that potentially affects the smooth and safe functioning of a smart contract.
  • Calculation errors.
  • Unnecessary privileges granted to a centralized address.

Why Choose CertiK?

CertiK is an industry-leading blockchain security firm, raising the standard of blockchain security to ensure teams adopt the best approaches to protect their investors.

Core technologies of CertiK's comprehensive audit of the Metacade contract include:

  • Formal Verification: Provides effective security assessing through mathematically proven smart contract auditing for complete coverage and precision.
  • Auto Scan: Technology to identify and remediate security vulnerabilities of the Metacade contract.
  • Code Review: The Metacade blockchain code reviewed line-by-line by security experts to highlight any further vulnerabilities.
  • Skynet: (On-Chain Data Analytics and Monitoring): Continuous AI-based scanning of the contract code, allowing the Metacade team to be alerted of suspicious events through actionable security & data insights to detect risk and fraud.
  • KYC: Rigorous identity verification of the Metacade team to establish credibility ensures users' investments are safe, along with building trust and strengthening our community.

CertiK and Metacade

The Metacade token ($MCADE) is built on the most popular Ethereum blockchain, allowing low-cost and secure purchasing.

CertiK believes the security of each Ethereum project is vital not only to the Ethereum Ecosystem but to the staying power of the web3 space itself.

Here at Metacade we have partnered with CertiK for their innate understanding of the specific needs, risks, and knowledge around possible vulnerabilities that come with building on Ethereum.

We want our community to know they are protected as much as possible.

Raising the Standard

CertiK are committed to raising the standard of security and transparency across the industry, an ethos we are committed to here at Metacade.

You can always ensure the transparency of all the actions and transactions made using the Metacade token.