How To Buy

How to Buy

The Metacade Presale came to a successful close on 31 March 2023.
Metacade Tokens (MCADE) are now only available to buy on the following exchanges.
BUY NOWUniswap
How to buy $MCADE on Uniswap
Getting started with Uniswap is a straightforward process. If you already have a wallet then skip to Step 3.
Step 1
Purchase USDT (ERC-20) from a crypto exchange
To start using Uniswap, the first step is to buy USDT (ERC-20) from a cryptocurrency exchange, such as Bitmart, MEXC or Binance. Since Uniswap operates on the USDT (ERC-20) network, buying USDT is the easiest way to begin.
Step 2
Transfer USDT to your USDT (ERC-20) wallet
The next step is to transfer your USDT to an USDT (ERC-20) wallet. Unlike exchanges, wallets are designed for storing cryptocurrency. A popular wallet option is MetaMask, which allows you to store, send, and buy cryptocurrencies. Alternatively, you can use hardware wallets like Ledger. After creating a wallet and getting a wallet account, you will receive a wallet address (usually a long string of numbers and letters). To transfer your USDT from the exchange:
Step 3
Connect your wallet to Uniswap
Once you have USDT in your wallet, navigate to the Uniswap app and click on the option to connect your wallet, which is located in the top right corner of the screen. Choose from the supported wallets. If you're using the MetaMask chrome extension, you'll be logged in automatically. If you're using a different supported wallet, you may need to provide some information. After connecting your wallet to Uniswap, you can begin using the platform.
Access your USDT (ERC-20) position in your exchange account.
Click on the option to send your USDT.
Enter your wallet address, then check carefully to ensure the address you are sending to matches your own USDT address in your wallet.
Confirm the transaction. Your USDT should arrive in your wallet within a few minutes.
Step 4
Buy & Trade Metacade
To make a trade, choose the amount of MCADE you wish to purchase, and trade with your USDT. For more information see the Uniswap App’s Help Center.