Oxya Origin has 5 core aspects that complement and complete each other to form an integrated ecosystem. The Games We're currently developing multiple game modes inspired by classic genres, adapted to our ecosystem and improved with cutting-edge development technology. The Universe The Oxya Origin lore spans thousands of years and takes us through the story of the everlasting struggle between Empires, bloodlines and ideologies that have evolved and adapted to the rules of their new reality. The Community Over 300,000 engaged members gaming on Discord and participating in community events, tournaments and activations as they help the team develop the gameplay and storyline. The Tokens The entire ecosystem is backed by a powerful and sustainable dual token economy. The Assets Thousands of player-owned assets in perennial synergy. From the Avatars that represent us to the Lands that feed us and the Weapons that help us defeat our enemies.

Oxya Origin is building a powerful gaming ecosystem with a focus on engaging gameplay, immersive graphics and a sustainable, player-owned economy with the ambition to take Web3 gaming to the mainstream. We aim to achieve that by innovating on all fronts using AI and Web3 technologies in the development of our story-driven universe boasting engaging shooter, strategy and exploration game modes set in a culturally-significant environment. The Oxya Origin community will have the opportunity to accompany us on our journey as we direct the future of gaming by participating in Alpha and Beta tests, voting for future updates and participating in the Lore's creation and development.

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Oxya Origin

Free-to-play open world game in which players can explore the Oxya Origin universe, interact with the environment, complete quests and play different game modes where they will try to survive in the rogue dungeons as they uncover the story's secrets and collect rewards along the way.


Gaming is one the fastest growing industries of the past 10 years. The increasing accessibility of high-performance hardware products and fast internet connections is promising continuous growth in this ever-expanding sector, making it an essential aspect of our culture. Blockchain technology and Web3 are giving players and developers the opportunity to rethink the way games are created and structured by opening a plethora of possibilities to explore. Users can now own in-game assets and interact with conditional smart contracts, therefore improving the player-to-developer relationship with more transparency. In parallel, developers now have the opportunity to think bigger than a single game mode, instead focusing on the creation of a rich universe layered by an asset ecosystem that can be used in multiple games. We don't want our games to be branded as Web2 or Web3 games, we just want them to be quality, fun experiences that players want to come back to. One of the biggest opportunities presented by this new era is the ability to build the game hand in hand with the community, by consulting them at different milestones, collaborating with them to create certain aspects of the Lore and even having them give us feedback on the ecosystem design and gameplay mechanics, it will allow us to build the game faster, cheaper and better. We're aiming to make the most out of the opportunity at our footsteps by leading the transition to ownership-based gaming universes. To achieve that, our vision rests on four core tenets: Engaging gameplay and high-end design. Socially-significant storytelling with a rich lore. Integrated asset ecosystem backed by a sustainable and profitable circular economy. Intuitive user-experience and frictionless interactions (anyone can play). In short, we're creating a story-driven universe in which we can apply successful game genres with a twist. All assets will be owned by the players, can be used in multiple modes and compliment each other to form a circular economy.


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